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B-Tohin Machine (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

MTB Magnetic Bearing Single-stage Centrifugal High-speed Blower


  1. Energy saving and high efficiency: Energy consumption is about 30% lower than traditional Roots blower, about 20% lower than multi-stage centrifugal fan, and about 10% lower than single-stage high-speed blower;
  2. Low noise: With self-balancing technology adopted, there’s no friction between bearings, and the vibration value of magnetic suspension bearing is one level smaller than the traditional ones. At the same time, active vibration reduction design is adopted guaranteeing stable blower running and the small vibration of the blower body. The blower noise is less than 80dB.
  3. Intelligent control: using PLC+GPRS/3G/4G, friendly interface, easy operation, with remote monitoring, fault diagnosis, surge prevention and other functions. It can monitor the operating status of the blower in real time, and realize the intelligent adjustment of air capacity and air pressure according to the requirements of different working conditions
  4. Maintenance-free: magnetic suspension bearing, no contact, no friction, no lubrication; skid-mounted structure, convenient installation. For daily operations, only consumable parts such as filters need to be replaced, which is basically maintenance-free.
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