B-Tohin Machine (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

D series multistage centrifugal blower


  • Low noise, no mechanical friction during operation, and reasonable impeller profile adopted for reducing noise.
  • Small vibration, the optimized design of impeller reduces the axial force so the whole machine runs smoothly.
  • No mechanical friction: no need of gear to increase the speed. The blower rotor is supported by a front and a rear bearings. During operation, there is no mechanical friction between any parts except the bearings, so free of noise caused by mechanical friction, and ensuring the service life of the blower main body.
  • Convenient adjustment of airflow: the adjustment range of the blower is 100%~50%, and the flow is adjusted by adjusting the butterfly valve at the inlet.
  • Oil-free machinery: No oil or gas is generated during the pressurization process, ensuring that the aerator is not easily corroded, and increasing the service life of the aeration system since there’s no problem of oil leakage.
  • Water cooling adopted for rear bearing, prolonging the service life of the bearing.
  • Rotor made by using advanced technology, promising high strength and long life.



Airflow: 20-400m3/min

Pressure: 30-100Kpa

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