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B-Tohin Machine (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

FRP Centrifugal Fan

Configuration Table of FRP fan:

  1. Base: Standard shock-absorbing double-layer frame for fan package
  2. Shock absorber: spring shock absorber
  3. Transmission unit: belt or coupling;
  4. Lubrication unit: built-in oil bath type bearing box, Torrington bearing
  5. Shell: anti-ultraviolet marine grade coating, glass fiber cloth
  6. Impeller material: vinyl resin
  7. Bearing: oil seal
  8. Motor: well-known domestic brand
  9. Impeller balance level: 2.5mm/s level up to ISO1940 standard
  10. Vibration of fan unit: 4.5mm/s grade up to ISO2372 standard

The FRP centrifugal fan of B-Tohin Machinery (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Is manufactured with high-quality vinyl ester resin and advanced production technology, featured with strong anti-corrosion function. Its compact impeller design structure realized the fan’s high-speed operation. The blades are designed with large airflow, light weight, high energy efficiency and long service life. By replacing the backward production technology of FRP wrapped with iron, it solves the problem of small airflow and easy to fall apart of the ordinary FRP impeller. The impeller can be customized with different quantities from 8 to 16 pieces according to the airflow required by customers.

B-Tohin is a professional manufacturer who can provide full service from FRP fiberglass centrifugal fan design to manufacturing and to installation. The fiberglass fan B-Tohin manufactured is characterized by corrosion resistance, high strength, large airflow, high energy efficiency, easy installation and durability.

The FRP centrifugal fan is manufactured by absorbing foreign advanced technology and considering the domestic use environment, with overall structure optimized, structural strength improved, enabling the easy installation and durability of the fan .

The debugging of FRP centrifugal impeller adopts the dual combination of dynamic balance and static balance, and the dynamic balance reaches the ISO-1940 G2.5 level.

The glass fiber reinforced plastic centrifugal fan adopts a double-layer frame with a high-efficiency shock absorber in the middle, which greatly reduces the vibration of the fan and improves the service life of the fan. The vibration value meets and is better than the ISO-2372 4.5 level.

With advanced foreign technology applied, the FRP centrifugal impeller’s size and angle is optimized, and the one-piece formed FRP centrifugal impeller is more stronger, with the rigidity, applicable pressure and airflow range equal to the steel impeller’s. And the weight is lighter than the steel impeller’s, which improves the energy efficiency of the fan. The shortages of the traditional FRP impeller made through glass steel wrapped with iron is covered.

The impeller shaft disc of the FRP centrifugal fan adopts a split structure, which is fully enclosed and covered. The installation is firm, and it is convenient for disassembling and maintenance.

The FRP centrifugal fan adopts an oil-bath type bearing box to protect the bearing and shaft from acid and alkali gas. Combined with the application of American type pulley and imported belt, the service life is extended and the rate of failure is reduced. Fan motors and bearings of imported or domestic brands are available upon customers’ requests.

An inspection port and a drain hole to facilitate inspection and cleaning of the impeller and avoid impeller fouling is set outside of the fan.

Performance test reports are submitted to certify that qualified products are supplied.

Provide fan maintenance manuals for easy maintenance work, keep maintenance records? for easy handover.

All FRP centrifugal fans of B-Tohin are made to order. According to the needs of customers, every fan is customized to make every customer satisfied.

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