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B-Tohin Machine (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

YU-SV Auto Unloading Start-up Valve

Application of the unloading valve

This unloading start valve is used in compressed air pipeline systems such as Roots blowers or screw blowers. When the blower starts, the conveyed air flows into the outside through the unloading valve, and the blower starts with a slight load. At the same time, due to the pressure difference between the air in the pipeline and the outside atmosphere, the start valve is slowly closed, allowing the conveying air to flow into the normal working pipeline, realized the micro-load start of the blower or other compressed air supply equipment without the impact on the main body of the equipment, the impact of the driving equipment and the damage to the transmission mechanism caused by the direct load start. It is of pure mechanical structure and is reasonable and ingenious designed for reliable and trouble-free operation.


  • Avoid the trouble caused by the use of bypass, electric valve or actuator which need to be controlled by electrical control equipment.
  • System cost is low since there’s no need for bypass, electric valve or actuator and related control equipment.
  • After installing a small pressure relief valve as required, it can replace the role of the traditional pressure relief valve and better protect the air source equipment. At the same time, it can be used to maintain a constant pressure better protecting the equipment in the case of harsh starting conditions.
  • Easy installation, simple maintenance.



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