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YU-EG Anti-corrosion Anti-leakage Roots Blowe

  1. Special coating are sprayed on the inner surface of housing, end cover and rotor to protect blower from being corrupted by conveying gas.
  2. More reliable sealing type of multiple sealing structure to ensure no gas leakage
  3. PTFE oil seal is used, which has strong corrosion resistance, good pressure resistance and excellent sealing performance.
  4. Inlet and outlet anti-type silencer adopted for good noise reduction effect and long service life
  5. Re-flux structure adopted, when pipeline pressure is too high, gas will return to inlet pipe through the return pipe to prevent gas leakage.
  1. Compact structure with same air inlet and outlet for flexible installation
  2. Explosion-proof and anti-corrosion design suitable for conveying various flammable, explosive and corrosive special gas
  3. Adopt stainless steel return pipe and expansion joint
  4. The integrated impeller-shaft structure avoids the defects of the split type.
  5. Water cooling adopted for prolonging the service life of bearing and improving the working condition of bearing
  6. The interior and the surface of impeller are sprayed with special coating of good lubricity and anti-sticking properties.


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