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B-Tohin Machine (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

Aug/20 Marketed the fourth generation Roots blower successfully
May/20 ERP was officially launched
May/20 Attended “Happy Reading, Happy Talking , Happy Forwarding” Speech Contest held by Youth League Branch
Mar/20 The company’s 25th anniversary commemorative magazine “Together” was published
Feb/20 Fought the NCov epidemic and resumed work smoothly and comprehensively
Jan/20 Celebration of the 25th anniversary of B-Tohin
Oct/19 New Product R&D Center and High-speed Blower Technology Center were put into use.
Oct/19 The company’s party branch was re-elected, and Yin Lijun was elected as the new branch secretary.
Sep/19 ERP information management system was officially launched.
Sep/19 The company invited employees and their families to visit the factory and attend garden activities.
Aug/19 The company Communist Youth League Branch league branch was formally founded.
May/19 Tohin Shoji Co., Ltd. officially invested in South Korea’s ACE Turbo Co.
Apr/18 The company’s Happy Running Team participated in the first Yixing International Marathon.
Jan/18 Union election
Nov/17 The company established a youth league.
Aug/17 Shanghai Haocang and B-Tohin joined hands in strategic cooperation in IOT for environmental protection equipment.
Aug/17 Been awarded “12th Five-Year” Advanced Company of Standardization Work of National Blower Industry”
Jul/17 B-Tohin Science and Technology Association founded
Jun/17 Dynamic Balance tester for Air suspension bearing blower was successfully put into use.
Mar/17 B-Tohin worked with Haocang to move towards the era of blower intelligence.
Mar/17 B-Tohin company implemented in-depth 3S management.
Jan/17 Roots blower products once again obtained CE certification for export to EU.
Dec/16 The Youth Employee Club of B-Tohin Company was established.
Dec/16 Achieved success in the test of BC small model blower
Oct/16 The Communist Party branch of B-Tohin completed general election.
Jul/16 B-Tohin’s blower debuted on Yongxing Island, Sansha City, Hainan
Jun/16 B-Tohin Brand was chosen as “2015~2016 China Most Valuable Environmental Protection Equipment Brand”
May/16 Mother company Tohin Japan founded Tohin Viet Nam Industry Co., Ltd.
May/16 Sino-Korea joint venture Wuxi B-Tohin & ACE Blower Science And Technology Co., Ltd. invested by B-Tohin and ACE Korea founded
Dec/15 Awarded “2015 Most Satisfying Blower Brand selected by Users in Environmental Protection Industry” on www.waterbo.com of Yixing Environmental Protection Zone
Dec/15 Wuxi B-Tohin Blower Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Yixing Economic Development Zone.
Nov/15 Awarded “Star Water Treatment Equipment of 2015 China Water Industry Brand”
Oct/15 Publication of “Thanks for being with us always” , the 20th anniversary album of B-Tohin
Jul/15 passed BVC Attestation
Jul/15 Awarded “Most Valuable Environmental Protection Equipment of China in 2014-2015”
Jun/15 Won the 2014 “Environmental Equipment Manufacturing Competitive Leading Enterprise” by China Environmental Industry Network
May/15 BK Trademark was listed in “Wuxi Brand Guidebook”
Mar/15 Bought new factory of 26000M2 in Yixing Economic Development Zone
Jan/15 Co-operated with the Blower Test Laboratory of Shengyang Blower Research Institute (Blower Quality Supervision Testing Center of China General Machinery Industry Association), introduced the whole set of blower performance test system and got verification certificate
Dec/14 Sales Value of Roots blower ranked second in China by China General Machinery Industry Association fluid machine branch’s statistics
2014年 Improved the precision of inspection instruments of blower’s gear, bearing and oil seal which insured the part’s quality
Dec/14 The 20th Anniversary Celebration of B-Tohin was held.
Nov/14 “B-Tohin” was certified as the “Top 10 Brand of China Water Industry” by http://www.hc360.com/.
Nov/14 The Third Time of the 8th Council Meeting of Freight Pipeline Committee of CMES, Logistics Engineering Institution was held in Yixing by B-Tohin Machine
Nov/14 Organized staff trip to Australia
Oct/14 China Environmental Protection Equipment Brand Alliance was established, and B-Tohin became one of its member.
Oct/14 “Celebrate National Day, Walk around Tuan Lake, Be Green, Be Low-carbon” hiking was held.
Aug/14 Introduced ATB air bearing blower from Korea
Sep/14 Participated in the National Tour (Guangdong) Promotion Conference of China Environmental Protection Equipment Brand Alliance
Aug/14 B-Tohin company was reported on the front page of Yixing Daily and Yixing Media.
Aug/14 “B-Tohin Cup-Culture Realize Dream ” Artistic Performance Contest of Workers was held.
Jun/14 Nominated as High-tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province again
Jun/14 Named as “Roots Blower Leading Company” of water industry
Apr/14 Development of new MVR steam compressor succeeded
Apr/14 Jiangsu B-Tohin Energy-saving Co., Ltd. was established.
Apr/14 B-Tohin became one of the sponsors of China Environmental Protection Equipment Brand Alliance.
Mar/14 B-Tohin’s Technical Center achieved the Attestation Certificate of Wuxi Enterprise Technical Center.
Mar/14 Attended the Third Time of the 5th Meeting of National Blower Standardization Technology Commitment
Feb/14 Arranged the company trip to Taiwan and Thailand
Feb/14 Ranking in “Top 50 Industrial Enterprise” of the year 2013 of Yixing City
Jan/14 BK mark was been certified as “China Famous Mark”.
Dec/13 Recognized as the “Backbone Enterprise of National Science & Technology Innovation Base”
Dec/13 Passed the Clean Production Assessment for the second time
Dec/13 Roots blower products won the honorary title of “Famous, Excellent and New Mechanical and Electrical Products” again.
Nov/13 Participated in the second enlarged meeting of the eighth session of the National Pipeline Material Transportation Technology Professional Committee and the 30th anniversary celebration meeting
Oct/13 The company passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification again.
Sep/13 Increased registered capital again to RMB 80 million
Aug/13 Visited Qinghu B-Tohin Middle School to help poor students
Jul/13 Named as “2012-2013 Favorite Brand of Users in Water Treatment Industry” by www.h2o-china.com again
Jul/13 Party branch of B-Tohin conducted general election.
May/13 HC machining team won the title of “Jiangsu Worker Pioneer”
Apr/13 Total investment reached RMB 100 million yuan after registered capital increased to 50 million yuan.
Jan/13 Won the title of “Demonstration Enterprise of Honest Management of Wuxi City”
Sep/12 Participated in the badminton competition of the National Games in the park and won the team championship
Oct/12 Won the title of “Wuxi AAA-level Contract and Trustworthy Enterprise”
Oct/12 Become one of the demonstration enterprises of Yixing City for statistical foundation construction
Oct/12 Successfully co-organizing the “Yixing International Environmental Protection City IEPZ 3rd Fair”
Nov/12 Obtained “2010-2011 A-level Tax Credit Rating” certificate
Nov/12 Roots blower obtained CE certification for export to the European Union.
Dec/12 GS single-stage high-speed centrifugal blower ranked “Provincial High-tech Products”.
Dec/12 The company passed the provincial certification of “Lianghua (industrialization & innformatization) Connection”.
Sep/12 Participated in the formulation of the industry standard of “Soundproof Cover for Roots Blower”
Jul/12 Won the title of “Advanced Party Branch in Environmental Protection Park”
Jul/12 Named as Favorite Brand of Users in Water Treatment Industry www.h2o-china.com again
May/12 Attended Shanghai International AQUATECH China Exhibition
Apr/12 Organize all staff trip to Beijing and Sanqing Mountain
Mar/12 Mr. Du Xiaolin, B-Tohin’s Executive Vice President, was elected as a member of the National Fan Standard Committee.
Feb/12 Successfully passed the review of “High-tech enterprises of Jiangsu Province”
Oct/11 Office Automation Soft successfully used in whole company
Sep/11 5S Management adopted and sound effect achieved
Sep/11 Successfully passed the acceptance of Yixing Statistics Bureau for up-to-standard construction
Jul/11 Nominated as “2011 Strategic Supplier” by Xinxie Group
Jun/11 Become the agent of Lantian Water Group Liquid Membrane
May/11 Roots blower was selected into “Famous, Excellent and New Electromechanical Products Catalog”.
May/11 Obtained a patent for gear housing of high-speed centrifugal blowers
Apr/11 Obtained a patent for innovative sealing design for roots blowers
Feb/11 BK high-efficiency three-lobe Roots blower ranked “High-tech Products of Jiangsu Province”
Jan/11 Became one of the agents of Kubota membrane in China
Dec/10 Received award of “Advanced Foreign Investment Enterprise of Yixing City”, “Advanced Environmental Protection Enterprise of Yixing City”
Nov/10 Nominated as one of the first batch key enterprises in Yixing City’s provincial special industrial base by Yixing City Development and Reform Commission
Oct/10 Granted with the certificate of “ISO 14001 Environmental Management System” by China Quality Certification Center
Oct/10 It was named as “A-level Tax Credit Enterprise” by Wuxi National Taxation Bureau and Local Taxation Bureau.
Jun/10 Single-stage high-speed centrifugal blowers tested successfully and related sales started
Aug/10 Approved by Jiangsu Science & Technology Bureau as “Pneumatic Technology Research Center of Jiangsu Province”
Jul/10 Appraised as Yixing Shuangqiang (both excellent in economy and party construction) Enterprise by Communist Party of China, Yixing Municipal Committee
Jun/10 Awarded “Satisfied Brand for Water Specialists” by China H2O net (www.h2o-china.com) and Environment & Engineering of Dept. of Tsinghua University
Feb/10 Participated in Russia’s “WATER-TECH. International Water Exhibition” for the second time
Feb/10 BK fan won the “Famous Brand Product of Jiangsu Province”.
Feb/10 Multi-stage centrifugal fan was successfully put on the market.
Dec/09 B-Tohin was named as an “Advanced Collective of Open Economy” by Yixing City.
Dec/09 Our BK fan won the title of Jiangsu Famous Brand Product
Dec/09 The company was approved and qualified as “Pneumatic Technology Research Center of Yixing City”.
Dec/09 Held celebration activities for the 15th anniversary published the 15th anniversary book “On the road”
Oct/09 The new workshop and warehouse covering 4600m2 area were put into use, and the iconic sculpture was completed for memorizing the founding of company for 15 years.
Oct/09 B-Tohin was rated as an “Excellent Enterprise in the Environmental Protection Industry of Wuxi City”.
Jul/09 B-Tohin’s blower product was one of the winners of the “2008-2009 Water Equipment Satisfaction Index” competition held by China Water Network and Water Business Circle, and ranked the first in the brand usage mention rate survey.
May/09 Successfully participated in the “WATER-TECH. Russia International Water Exhibition” held in Russia
Feb/09 Organized all staff travel to Japan
Jan/09 The BK trademark of B-Tohin was once again recognized as “Wuxi City Well-known Trademark”.
Sep/08 BZ type Roots blower won the “Exhibited Product Gold Medal” of “Year 2008 the 4th China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition”.
Oct/08 BK series blowers passed the certification of “Environmental Protection Product” by Beijing Central Environmental Association.
Oct/08 Passed the certification of “High-tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province” again and obtained the certificate
Sep/08 Acquired 50% equity of Wuxi Tohin Machine Co., Ltd.
Jun/08 The company’s monthly sales exceeded 20 million yuan
Jan/07 BK three-lobe Roots blower won the title of “Wuxi Famous Brand”.
Dec/06 “BK” trademark was recognized as a famous trademark of Jiangsu Province by the Jiangsu Industry and Commerce Administration.
Dec/06 Obtained AAA Corporate Credit Rating of the year 2006.
Nov/06 In the “China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition” held by General Machinery Industry, B-Tohin’s products won two gold awards and one silver award
Oct/06 Obtained the patent certificate for BK-DS type double oil tank blower
Jul/06 Put forward enterprise ideology “Together With Heart” (attentive, sincerity, confidence) as an important part of corporate culture, and publish a “Three-heart” Album.
Feb/06 Applied for the National Torch Plan for BKW Roots blower, and was awarded the Provincial Torch Plan
Mar/06 “BK type three-leaf Roots blower” was awarded the “Third Prize of Yixing City Science and Technology Progress Award ” by the Yixing Government
Nov/05 “BK” trademark was recognized as a “Wuxi Famous Trademark” by the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce.
Jul/05 “B-Tohin Hope Project Office” formally established
Apr/05 Completed the development of the BK-DS type dual-tank blower, enlarged the scope of the blower’s air capacity and pressure
Feb/05 The new designed ad developed product BK-DS was sold both at home and abroad, and exported to Belgium the first time.
Jan/05 The design and development of multi-stage centrifugal blower was listed as “Jiangsu Province Torch Program Project”
Dec/04 B-Tohin Review VCD and the book “Footprints” for celebrating the company’s 10th anniversary was released.
Sep/04 B-Tohin donated Qinghu B-Tohin Middle School in Yiyang, Jiangxi Province unveiled
Jul/04 The company’s new plant and new office building were completed and opened
Jun/04 Successfully developed a multifunctional soundproof cover, which not only has the function of noise reduction, but also can display the working pressure of the blower, the temperature display function of the bearing part, and the alarm and control information output function after over-pressure and over-temperature.
May/04 The company was once again recognized as a “Foreign Investment Advanced Technology Enterprise” by the Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Jiangsu Province
Apr/04 BK series blower successfully developed and entered the FGD desulfurization of power system, chemical industry, port and terminal material transportation industry
Mar/04 Cooperated with the American company THTHILL to develop a high-pressure dual-tank blower and successfully tested the machine
Jan/04 The company donated RMB 500,000 to Qinghu Middle School in Yiyang, Jiangxi Province (name changed into Qinghu B-Tohin Machine (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
Oct/03 The single-month blower output exceeded 500 units/set, and the single-month sales exceeded 10 million yuan.
Sep/03 Our company was once again recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province.
Sep/03 Started to export high-performance large blower rooms to Australia in bulk
Jul/03 The company requisitioned 50 acres of land, with a usable area of 28,381 square meters
Jul/03 Completed the trial production of the first BL750-61 multi-stage high-pressure centrifugal blower
Jun/03 Successfully developed BK10 inch large three-lobe Roots blower
Jan/03 Started exporting rotors and other blower parts to the U.S.
Dec/02 Passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification
Oct/02 Started producing 4-inch Roots blower accessories and exporting them to the United States
Sep/02 Our BK Roots blower was recognized as “High-tech Product in Jiangsu Province”.
Aug/02 The trial production of the first BL60-61 multi-stage high-pressure centrifugal blower was completed.
May/02 Sino-Japanese joint venture Changzhou Bangde Foundry Co., Ltd. was established (our company invested )
Oct/01 Our company was recognized as “High-tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province”.
Sep/01 8/9 inch localized Roots blower completed
Jul/01 HC blower ranked “High-tech Products of Jiangsu Province”
Apr/01 Began to sell the submersible pumps made by TSURUMI of Japan
Mar/01 Started production of 3 series and 9 types of BK blowers and sold them abroad
Sep/00 The first BK type three-lobe Roots blower was tested and passed the quality inspection of TUTHILL, and production began.
Jun/00 The factory of Wuxi Tohin Machine Co., Ltd. was completed.
Dec/99 TUTHILL CORPORATION/PNEUMATICS GROUP (USA) and B-Tohin set a Joint Venture Wuxi Tohin Machine Co., Ltd.
Nov/99 Design of total series of BG stainless steel straight rod climbing tooth screen completed and production started
Jun/98 Started export of HC50S-100S fan castings and rough machined products to Japan Tohin
Mar/98 Started domestic production of HC251S-40S series blowers
Oct/97 Based on HC60S-100S models, developed new models HS-601S-1001S
Aug/97 started to make HC bases and belt covers for Tohin Co. in Japan
Apr/97 The first set of localized HC blower came out.
Aug/96 Began to produce BG stainless steel screen
Jun/96 Company name changed into “B-Tohin Machine (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.”
Apr/96 Began to distribute Japanese ELEPON submersible pumps and supporting products
Nov/95 Company building completed at the current location, production location moved from Pengyao to Industrial Park
Mar/95 The first set of assembled HC blower and Roots blower were completed and delivered to customer.
Dec/94 Sino-Japanese invested Company “Yixing Pengde Co., Ltd.” established

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